Senior Portraits .   Starting at $300

Senior portraits have always been some of our favorite sessions to shoot.  There is just something about the energy and excitement of that time in a person's life that we love shooting!

What to expect...

We will work with you to provide you the absolute perfect session for YOU!  Each senior session is uniquely planned for you.  We insist on making the session around you and your interests.  Sessions tend to last about 1.5 hours but can push 2 hours if we're in a groove and shooting awesome shots.  We certainly don't stress about locations, as long as it fits the style and reflects who you are, we can always find somewhere to shoot!  Typically 1 or 2 locations is plenty for your session.  Clothing changes are completely up to you, that's right, no limits.  Just keep in mind that the more time you spend changing clothes (or driving to other locations) is less time you get to take pictures.  Usually 3 outfits is plenty, but it's up to you.

What you get...

Amazing portraits of course!  You session will be edited and you will be provided a personal, password protected online gallery for you and your family.  From the online gallery you will have access to download your digital files of your photos along with the print rights.  With that, you may take those files and print as many and any size prints that you wish.  We do offer prints from professional print labs that you can purchase, along with canvases, albums, cards, announcements and more.  It's completely up to you how you proceed at this point.  We don't want to lock you in to a bunch of prints you don't want, but we're here to help you get exactly what you need! 

If you choose, your images are available at full resolution on DVD or USB drive for an additional $50.

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Lifestyle and family sessions .  Starting at $350

Lifestyle and Family sessions are always a blast!  We understand how important family portraits are, and how challenging they can be to take.  Because I have 3 kids of my own, I also know that kids are unpredictable and sometimes during the session we may have to deal with toddlers having meltdowns or teenagers wanting to be someplace else.  We get it, we really do.  Honestly though, that's what makes us all real and makes us connect with one another.  I promise you are not the first to have your kid throw and absolute temper tantrum while trying to take family photos.  We can take a few minutes, give everyone a break and pick up right where we left off.  We want your family to be comfortable and have fun getting portraits.

What to expect...

Family sessions typically will last about an hour and generally are kept to one location.  We are flexible though and we can usually make it work if you want a second location.  Clothing changes should generally be kept to 2 or less, especially if kids are involved. 

What you get...

Just like our senior sessions above, you will get your edited files provided to you via an online gallery with download and print rights.  Prints are available from us or you can print yourself from the digital files.  

Pricing includes up to 6 people.  Each additional person is $15.